Friday, April 13, 2012

Clipping Coupons


     I love watching the reality shows about couponing.  Shows like Extreme Couponing have me pulling for the shopper every time.  It is kind of stressful to watch, though.  They get all their stuff, get to the line, and after a while the register won't accept coupons anymore.  They have so many that I guess it totally freaks out the register.  It looks like it is a stressful thing, but it also looks fun.  It has to be such a challenge and then they almost look like they get a rush from what they have saved.  Heck, sometimes the grocery store ends up owing THEM!  I don't feel like I am organized enough to do that kind of shopping.  Some of them do go overboard.  You know when they take the cameras to their "pantry" and there are like 30 bottles of BBQ sauce and salad dressings, and other things that will certainly expire before they can be used.  I know some people don't pay attention to expiration dates, but I figure they are there for a reason and I don't chance them.

     Although I don't extreme coupon, I don't know anyone who doesn't like to save money or feel like you are outsmarting the seller.  Here are a few websites I have found that will definitely be of some help.


Free Grocery Coupons

Free Local Grocery Store Coupons
Free Local Drug Store Coupons

BigTip Restaurant Deals

Up to 75% off at Gilt City

Find the Biggest Offers in Your Neighborhood with Gilt City



     I got the cartoons and images from other blogs.  If you click on the highlighted under the cartoons, it will take you to couponing blogs that have a lot more information.

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