Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bad Hair Day

     It must be so hard to be famous and every fashion statement and hairstyle put under a microscope.  Every girl has had a bad hair experience.  Maybe a bad color job, the awful frizzed perm, or just a bad haircut.  I am the worst about finding a picture of a cut and style I like and, of course, the person's hair is nothing like mine.  I am stubborn, so, I will sometimes argue with the professional that "oh, yeah, I think mine will look okay like that."   NOT!  Even if the style is in the exact hair color, texture and amount, sometimes face shape makes a big difference.  Either way, we have all had those sickening moments of "What have I done to my hair?" And, the longing look on the floor if we have cut too much and wish we could glue it back on!  I don't know if Anne Hathaway felt that dreaded feeling, but the picture doesn't look too hopeful.


What can we do to keep this from happening?

There are certain rules to consider when going for a new look.

First, you have to consider your face shape.  Some styles, along with face shapes, can make you look older or younger, your face slimmer or more round.  Even loving a style on someone else doesn't mean it will have the same effect on you if you happen to have a different face shape.

OVAL face shapes are the easiest because they can pretty much wear anything.

         The biggest thing to consider is what feature you want to show off without covering too much of your beautiful oval face shape.  Click on OVAL to see some styles that go with, and not so much so, oval faces.

Click on each shape to see what works and doesn't work for each shape.


The bottom of this page tells you how to find your face shape.

Second, you have to consider your hair's characteristics.  Density and texture can make a difference in the outcome of a new look and how it is styled.

Third, your new hairstyle may mean a change in how long it takes to style your hair.  This is important if it will take longer in the mornings.  If it is a style that has to be styled in the am, you might want to consider that committment.  Also, a new cut may take time off of your morning routine which is always a huge positive!

Fourth, the hair color makes a difference.  Some styles show off certain colors better as well as highlights.  Blunt cuts always show off pretty highlights. 

A couple of other things to think about is if you are going for a change, for instance a cut to take off dead ends or damaged hair, use this time as a chance to get into good hair habits.  Make the new cut a new routine in keeping hair healthy.  Also, some cuts can alter your look in makeup so that may be considered too.  This is a great website full of information on helping get the right look and avoiding the dreaded bad hair style.

So, do you like Anne Hathaway's pixie cut?  Did she follow the above rules?

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