Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paranoid or Protective

     Our world as far as pictures and documenting our kids' lives is so different from what it used to be.  Years ago, you had photographs and film that was an ordeal to show.  I guess our impatience started with the Polaroid camera.  We got our pictures instantly and didn't have to wait on them.  Now, it is a whole different ball game.  Pictures are everywhere and we can retouch, crop, and do anything we want to with them.  Who would have ever thought, for one we could carry a phone around, but to also be able to use that mobile phone as a camera too.

     With our modern conveniences comes a few cons.  We are able to keep family members that live away from us connected through email, facebook, and other ways of immediately sending them videos and pictures.  BUT, we don't always know who is also looking at our pictures.  I have always admitted to being an overprotective parent.  I don't know how you can be any other way.  I keep a close eye on my kids and depend on family and those in my community to help me keep them safe.

     We don't want to be prisoners in our home and not be able to go out and put pictures where we want to.  When I started my first blog, I wasn't sure about putting pictures and up and didn't for a while.  I was even more hesitant about pictures of my nieces and nephews because they are younger.  But, with all the ways of documenting our every move, a picture can be taken, posted, and spread around without us ever knowing it.  I look around at the mall sometimes when we are all there with our kids and wonder if there is some creep watching our little ones and taking pictures.  We are in a completely different world and it can be more than scary.

     I don't want to expose my kids or nieces and nephews, but I love talking about them.  My blog is hopefully going to be a record of them and parts of their life.  I am stubborn enough not to want to give that up.  However, I also want to keep them safe. 

    What is your opinion on this?  Better yet, can you share some websites and ways to help us all keep our kids safe.  Although we have to worry about our neighbors, we also have to worry about people miles and miles away.  Our internet has made us all neighbors with one another and we need to look at it in that way. 

     I found to see if your pictures are used anywhere other than where you have them.  This link is from the FBI and it is a great source of information.  Surfnetkids is a recent source for keeping kids safe on facebook, especially with their photos.

     Do you have any helpful sites or tips?  Please share them.  I am interested and we can't ever do enough to keep our kids, and ourselves, safe.

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