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I mentioned this website on my Sisterhood blog, but it is definitely worth mentioning again.  Girl Talk is a mentor program where high school girls mentor middle school girls about the issues of being a young girl.  The older girls get community service hours and it is a great way to learn about leadership. 

I am very passionate about any kind of anti-bullying program.  Kids are no meaner today than when I was a kid, there are just a lot more ways to socially interact.  I found this great site called Great Schools that has popular viral videos about bullying, but they also have other important information about homework, learning difficulties, parenting tips, and more. 

There is also some very useful tips for Back to School, although I don't want to think about that just yet!


Are you worried about your toddler's communication skills?  This article may put your mind at ease.
Communication and Your 1 to 2 Year Old

What about Communication and Your 13 to 18 Year Old?

If you have teens, you will love this information!
A Parent's Guide to Surviving the Teen Years

Every parent has had to deal with the terrible Temper Tantrums.

I have dealt with season allergies myself and with my kids.  Food Allergies, though, can be a scary thing for parents and kids.

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