Friday, July 19, 2013

Water, Water Everywhere.....

     It is July in Georgia and it is hot and humid as always.  We have had a lot more rain than usual and instead of cooling things off, it can just make things down right steamy!  It is easy to get dehydrated in this kind of heat.  Both of my teenage boys play football and they carry around gallon jugs of water just to make sure they are drinking enough. 

    I happen to love water, but most people think it is boring.  It can be, especially when you are drinking a lot of it.  I like to add a little something to my plain water and get a few extra nutritional benefits without any artificial sweeteners or sugar.  Here are a few suggestions to get a little refreshment and a nutritious boost at the same time!


Doesn't this look pretty?  All you have to do is fill the container with water then add sliced lemons, sliced cucumber and some mint.  It is really good to help with cleansing and releasing toxins.  Especially if you have recently eaten too much salt.

These look so refreshing!  You know how we love our mason jars in the south!  It makes whatever you put in it instantly better.  I throw in whatever I have.  You can come up with tons of variations depending on what you like.  I found this blog that gives great ideas and great detail.  It is The Yummy Life and it does flavored water a lot more justice than I can.  It is also where I found this awesome picture!

Not only is fruit and vegetable flavored water fun and tasty, it is beneficial too. You may have a few questions about making your own so I found Infused Waters to answer some of your questions.
What are your recipes or favorite fruit and vegetable infused water?

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