Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Think I Can, I Think I Can.....

     One of the biggest issues with being a busy mom is having enough energy to get through the day.  I know I drink way too much caffeine and if I don't keep taking it in, I will eventually crash.  Then..........sometimes it kicks in just when I need to be able to relax and go to sleep.  I am up because of the caffeine and then the tired cycle starts all over again the next day.

     I am blonde and have my blonde moments, all too often and I usually blame them on being tired, but I think we all know that our bodies function much better when we are nourished.  Replacing nourishment for caffeine and sugar to keep us going isn't the healthiest way to feel better.  I found these tips to try to change the way I get through the day.  Maybe you wil find them helpful too!

Portable snacks for a pick me up:

whole grain crackers
dark chocolate (hello?! healthy and a treat? can't go wrong!)

     Being low on magnesium is why a lot of women struggle to get through exercise and a crazy day.  With fall approaching, pumpkin seeds are a great way to get the magnesium you may be lacking.  Just 1/4 cup of them will get you half of your daily need for magnesium.

     Stomach upset can drain you of energy and just plain make you feel bad  Yogurt replaces the good bacteria we sometimes lose and gets our stomachs off balance.  I love the greek style yogurt.  You can get about twice the protein in the greek style with all the benefits of the good bacteria to make you feel better.

     High fiber wheat bran cereals can start your day off right.  Not only is it absorbed slower to help blood sugar levels, but increasing your fiber helps in weight loss.  Drinking lots of water helps you stay hydrated, and fruits like watermelon help with hydration.  When we become the least bit dehydrated, we feel fatigued.  Also, if you didn't get your vitamin C from your morning orange juice, 1 cup of red bell pepper at lunch or dinner will give you 200% of your daily vitamin C needs, that is more than in an entire orange.

     If you are used to that warm cup of caffeine during the day you can switch it out to tea.  You won't get as much of a caffeine kick, but you will get what coffee lacks, l-theanine.  This amino acid is found naturally in tea and will help with alertness, memory, and reaction time.  Those things may be needed if you have a long commute home from work!   Have a little dark chocolate to help increase your serotonin and your mood will improve for that ride home too!  And I thought chocolate made me feel better just because it was chocolate!

You can click here to find out more about naturally increasing energy while nourishing your body at the same time.

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