Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last Day To Enter Target $25 Gift Card Giveaway! NEW GIVEAWAY STARTS TOMORROW!

     Today is the last day to enter for the $25 Target Gift Card Giveaway.  Thank all of you SO VERY much for entering!  I am so thrilled with the number of comments, tweets, blogs, and other participation for this giveaway.  I couldn't be happier about the amount of support I have gotten.  I have enjoyed reading your comments about your favorite time of year, I appreciate your suggestions, and I am so thankful for the encouraging comments.

     This giveaway was so much fun and successful that I am going to have another one beginning tomorrow, August 25th, and ending next Friday, September 2.  I am offering a $30 Visa Card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.  The same rules apply for this giveaway.

      If you would like to enter to win the gift card all you have to do is comment on this post (this blog is new so any comments with suggestions would be appreciated or you can tell us what you would do with the gift card) or send me an email.  I am going to break it down to where you can have more than one chance to enter.

*****  Please remember however you enter to give me your name and email address.  I need your email address just so I can contact you, it won't be used for anything else.*****

my email: (it is also on the home page)

For 1 entry, email me your name and email address.

For 2 entries, comment on this post and leave your name and email address.

For 3 entries, comment on here leaving name and email and one tweet about the giveaway  (***Be sure to leave  your URL to the tweet in your comment with your name and email.)

For 4 entries, comment on here and blog about this post and giveaway (***Be sure to leave your URL to the blog with your name and email.)

*****To make it fair, if you don't have Twitter or a blog, you can get 3 entries by commenting here on this post AND on my facebook page Grand Central Mom.

***The contest is for 18 yrs. and older
***The winner will be chosen randomly and notified by email.
*** If the winner doesn't respond within 3 days, another winner will be randomly selected.

     I enjoyed reading about your favorite time of the year.  My favorite is Halloween.  I have always loved Halloween and I am embarrassed to say I have more Halloween decorations than Christmas decorations.  I love scary movies and all the things that go with Halloween, but I think it is my favorite because it is the beginning of such a fun time of year.  It is just the "opening act" to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I enjoy decorating my whole house.  I will swap out pictures, put fake spider webs all over the place, and set out all kinds of battery operated scenes.  My kids and nieces and nephews love it!  One of my nephews is a big fan and he remembers from the year before where I had something.  If I change it around, he notices.  I have another nephew that isn't too fond of one of my decorations.  It is an awful-looking man/creature and the head makes a cracking noise as it turns all the way around.  It is really scary to him.  He hates it when I put it out, but he got me back a few years ago.  Because of the sound it makes, he told his kindergarted teacher his aunt had a "crackhead" on her porch!  That is what we call it now!

     **********  I am using and will announce the winner of the Target Gift Card tomorrow morning!  Good luck to all of you who entered and thank you so much for participating!  You can begin entering the Visa Card giveaway anytime after midnight tonight!**********

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