Thursday, August 25, 2011


     Thank all of you so much for entering.  I had so many comments, many, many emails, etc.  The winner is "Bleush"!  Will you please contact me at my email within the next 3 day?  I used and chose the option where you can verify your entry.  Many of you sent emails and didn't comment publicly, so to keep privacy, I chose that option.  Many of you had multiple entries as well.  This is the URL given to me. Some of you had similar names, or didn't want your email used, so if you don't see your name as you entered it I can give you the way I entered it to keep me clear on who is who.  I tried to keep all the entries around the same length, etc. to be fair.  This was my first time using and I didn't know if anything offsets the drawing so I tried to keep it as simple as I could.  Maybe some of you use it and can give me pointers. 

     This was my first giveaway, so if any of you have more experience with them and have tips for me for this next one and ones in the future please let me know!
     THE NEXT GIVEAWAY starts now!  It ends next Friday, Sept. 2nd, for a $30 Visa Gift Card to be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

     I am really excited about this blog and will constantly update pages as well as continue with the giveaways.

     Thanks again and CONGRATULATIONS  Bleush!

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