Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thank You

     Thank you so much to everyone who has entered for the giveaway!  It is still open until Wed. August 24th.  I appreciate all the entries so far.  I am really enjoying reading your comments and you have taken my nervous butterflies away and now I am just having fun! 

     I am also updating pages daily.  I added some new products and information on my Beauty page yesterday and I just added a new page today for pets.  They are part of the family and we take care of them as such.  I hope the resources I am finding on each of the pages is helpful.  It will be constantly updated and if any of you have suggestions or would like to see a certain subject of resources please let me know.

     The blog is titled Grand Central Mom, but it is intended for dads as well.  My main goal for this site is to keep current information for readers to cut out the time you would have to spend looking for something on the internet.  I am researching and looking for you daily.  I hope to build your trust that I will find the best resources that will help in any way make our busy lives a little easier!  Thanks again to all of you!

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